About Us

Home cooks are our legends — that's all there is to it. Sugarconfetti is a local area worked by and for kitchen specialists: The cooks who will commit the end of the week to an ideal meat bourguignon however love the effortlessness of a sluggish cooker version, as well. The dough punchers who work over a showstopping 9-layer cake yet will similarly as joyfully specialist boxed brownies for a debauched weeknight dessert. The performers who simply need a strong tidbit spread, without lots of messy dishes toward the night's end.

In particular, Sugarconfetti associates home cooks with their most prominent wellsprings of motivation — other home cooks. We're the world's driving advanced food brand, and that motivates us to do all that could be within reach to keep our local area associated. Sixty-million home cooks merit no less.